Form and Luminosity

Carol Tanenbaum creates fused glass work in many styles using diverse materials. Any glass designs seen on the website can be commissioned.

Some of the glasswork techniques you will find in these galleries include: painting, stacking, mosaics, use of murani and stringers, kiln carving, sandblasting and impressed glass.

Fused Glass Pieces
Pressure Fired Glass Dishes
Dish Sets
Fused and Slumped Dishes

Growing up in New York, my work was informed by that City’s extraordinarily rich arts and cultural scene. I developed two values as a young person that have stayed with me my whole life: a strong sense of social concern and my love of the arts.

Following a 25-year career in the public and nonprofit sectors, where I worked as a social worker, youth agency director, fundraiser and organizational consultant, I was able to switch direction to become an arts administrator for California’s state arts council. There, I ran the touring, presenting and dance programs. When I retired, I once again changed course and began to make art.

First, I made jewelry exclusively from materials that I bought in stores. Then, wanting to make all the elements for jewelry from scratch, I focused on creating ceramic beads, glass flame-work beads and beads from paper.

My formal studies in making art have taken place at The Crucible, the California College of the Arts, the Richmond Art Center and Studio One. I have had experience working in metal, enamel, watercolor, ceramics and glass.