I love the luminosity of glass. Flamework for beads came first, then came fusing in many forms, shapes, and colors. Some of the glasswork techniques you will find in these galleries include: painting, stacking, mosaics, use of murani and stringers, kiln carving, sandblasting and impressed glass. Most are rectangular dishes slumped into molds that can be used for serving or display. You will also find round dishes and bowls, cheeseboards, sculptures, boxes, coasters and soap dishes. Please inquire as to availability of items shown here, as well as dimensions and prices. While many pieces have been sold, similar work can be commissioned.


Carol’s Fused Glass
MuraniandStringer2 Tanenbaum-3406-1200px Sandblasted-dish Carols-Studio-sign Kiln-Carving-3440-3-1200px Painted-Slumped-3559-1200px Stacked-3568-1200px Photo3 Photo53