Carol Tanenbaum, Intuitive Expressions

Growing up in New York, my work has been informed by that City’s extraordinarily rich arts and cultural scene in which I was immersed from an early age. I developed two values as a young person: a strong sense of social concern and my love of the arts. Following a 25-year career in the public and nonprofit sectors, I worked as a social worker, youth agency director, fundraiser and consultant. Later, I was able to switch direction to become an arts administrator for California’s state arts council where I ran the touring, presenting and dance programs. When I retired, I once again changed course and started to make art.

First, I made jewelry exclusively from materials that I bought in the store. Then, wanting to make all the elements for my jewelry from scratch, I focused on making ceramic beads, glass flame-work beads and beads from paper.

My formal studies in making art have taken place at The Crucible, California College of the Arts, Richmond Art Center and Studio One. I have had experience working in metal, enamel, watercolor, ceramics and glass.

During my focus on clay, I made three and two-dimensional pieces.  I made many wall plaques using plant material that I collected near and around Yosemite and impressed it into flat slabs calling them Botanical Impressions

I love the luminosity of glass.  Most recently, my training in glass fusing has included classes at Studio One, Stained Glass Garden and Bullseye Glass. I love the luminosity of glass and the way light is reflected by it and transmitted through it.

As a member of the Artist Conference Network*, my vision has evolved to that of a bird soaring through the air pouring my whole self into the cauldron of possibilities.

* A Miracle Space For Gifted Fools.